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Defying categorization from the beginning, releasing music of all breakbeat genres,
including all sub-genres of drum and bass, dubstep and experimental,
Esprit is a new indie label in the field of forward thinking electronic music.


    Esprit podcast 43 mixed by iBSTRACT

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_43_mixed_by_iBSTRACT.mp3]

    It is iBSTRACT who mix our new Esprit podcast. Its number 43 and full of drum and bass of course.

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    iBSTRACT forthcoming album

    We are happy to announce that iBSTRACT will release a full length album this October on Esprit. iBSTRACT have worked hard in their studio on new drum and bass material this year and we have selected fourteen new tracks for the album, which will be called Refractions. More info TBA.

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    Esprit podcast 40 mixed by Wreckage Machinery

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_40_mixed_by_Wreckage_Machinery.mp3]

    Wreckage Machinery released his new EP this Thursday (20th November 2014) and here he presents his new Esprit podcast 40. It is a podcast kind of minimix which showcase the new Worlds Apart EP.

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    Wreckage Machinery interview

    We catch up with Mr. Chris aka Wreckage Machinery. This November 2014 interview centers about the music of course. We discuss his musical progress over the last six years or so. And we talk all things music, mentioning also the forthcoming Wreckage Machinery EP on Esprit Records.

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    Esprit podcast 39

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_39.mp3]

    New month delivers another podcast, November Esprit podcast number thirty-nine. The headline news is that Wreckage Machinery will be back with a fresh EP later in November, and one of his new tracks is featured on the podcast too, check it out.

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    Interview s iBSTRACT

    Odchytil jsem DJe a producenta Goro z projektu iBSTRACT aby nám odpověděl několik základních otázek o hudbě, drum and bassu, releasech, a iBSTRACT. Otázky pokládá Zoom, odpovědi Goro.

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    Esprit podcast 38

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_38.mp3]

    New August 2014 Esprit podcast with liquid drum and bass tracklisting, including our latest Esprit signing iBSTRACT.

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    Esprit podcast 37

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_37.mp3]

    Deep drum and bass meets liquid in the latest instalment of Esprit podcast. Enjoy these fresh spring vibes.

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    Zoom - Sunset Beach

    Download file []

    Zoom presents his new single as a free download. It consists of two drum and bass tracks, one brand new liquid dnb Sunset Beach and a deep VIP version of last year roller Aspect of Wolf.

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    Esprit podcast 36

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_36.mp3]

    April 2014 is here and so is a new Esprit podcast. You can expect twelve deep dnb tracks carefully selected by Zoom, and a couple of new dubs soon to be released on Esprit too.

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    Esprit podcast 35

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_35.mp3]

    The first Esprit podcast of 2014 is quite simple – it boasts the best selection of newest drum and bass music with few dubs on the way too.

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    Esprit podcast 34

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_34.mp3]

    The last Esprit podcast of 2013 is all about deep drum and bass. No talking, just music. Mixed by Zoom.

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    Esprit podcast 33

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_33.mp3]

    New Movember 2013 Esprit podcast feature some of the best dnb tracks of 2013 courtesy of dBridge, Dub Phizix and Calibre, just to name a few, all wrapped up in a tidy 50 mins mixcast.

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    Zoom - Heart of Darkness

    Download file []

    Zooms new single is free to download. Creative Commons Licence.

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    Esprit podcast 32

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_32.mp3]

    Zoom continues the journey to find the best deep dnb sounds. He prepared for you a new podcast mix full of deep drum and bass awesomeness.

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    Dirrrty B - Take a Ride video

    Esprit Records - Dirrrty B - Take a Ride video

    Esprit Flashback vol.5 is out now, and one of the tracks by Dirrrty B from this compilation has been uploaded to our Youtube channel in a form of a awesome skate & kite vid. Watch it: Take a Ride video.

    Esprit podcast 31

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_31.mp3]

    New April 2013 Esprit podcast is here, number 31 mixed by Zoom. It starts with a liquid dnb beauty by the mighty Blue Motion, but soon after it goes deep and dark to finish in the Renegade Hardware style. Enjoy.

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    Esprit podcast 30

    Download file [Esprit_podcast_30.mp3]

    Listen and download our new Esprit podcast 30. It is drum and bass podcast, liquid and deep dnb in particular. This February 2013 it is five years of Esprit Records and to celebrate the anniversary there are going to be released two retrospect compilations. First Esprit Flashback 1 with ten dubstep tracks will be out in March, and Esprit Flashback 2 with ten dnb tracks will be out in April 2013.

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