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Defying categorization from the beginning, releasing music of all breakbeat genres,
including all sub-genres of drum and bass, dubstep and experimental,
Esprit is a new indie label in the field of forward thinking electronic music.


    Blue Motion (Dirrrty B)

    Blue Motion (aka Di­rrrty B), real name Michal Ratveisky, started to compose music in the early 90-ties, when he was 14 years old. Hardcore and gabber was popular in his homeland Slovakia (actually it wasn't possible to get a lot of electronic music at that time and it was better than nothing), so his first pieces were in this style. His first 'solo project' at the time was called 'Speed Freak'. There are no albums or singles from this time. (thanx god:)

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    Dephzac & Goro

    Slovakian finest Goro & Dephzac are well known figures in their home country as neurofunk producers and DJs. Residents of a Blackrain Night, members of Blackrain Crew, from Nove Zamky, Slovakia, these two favourite DJs started to play and produce drum and bass in the year of 2002, and now are being booked for DJ gigs in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Netherlands etc.

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    Hemoglobin is a stage name of a drum'n'bass DJ and music producer from the Czech Republic, real name Jan Kemr. Jan is producing darker and more techy sounding drum and bass music and you can catch him behind the decks of famous Czech clubs, e.g. Cross in Prague or Mersey in Brno, just to name a few.

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    iBSTRACT is a brand new project of an artist Igor Bajzik, previously known as Goro. Together with Dephzac, as Goro and Dephzac, they have released couple of neuro drum and bass tracks on Esprit and now iBSTRACT signed two new tracks which fuse liquid and neuro drum and bass – No More Happy and REM.

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    Marino 69

    Marino 69 is a talent from Slovakia. He started to produce music in the year of 2000. Originally a FastTracker and a simple wave editor user, Marino moved to a proper music creation software and produced music in techno and trance styles.

    U-turn came in 2004, when Marino started to make drum'n'bass tunes. Fast forward 2007, and our man Marino 69 listens to dubstep for the first time in his life and gets hooked instantly.

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    No Money

    No Money is the hottest new Drum & Bass duo on the block. Consisting of George Ramik aka DJ C.Phone and Johnny Kurecka aka DJ Limitedd, No Money are setting dancefloors alight with their unique blend of heavy hitting, crowd pleasing D&B.

    Both renowned DJs in their home country, the pair who hail from Ostrava, Czech Republic made their names as part of a local crew called Dvoika.Troika. In 2004 however, the urge to create music and transfer the energy they've enforced onto many dancefloors into productions of their own pushed them to join forces in the studio.

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    Peejay is a drum and bass producer and DJ from the Czech Republic. Before he started producing dnb music, Peejay played guitar in a rock outfit, but soon after the band broke up he progressed smoothly to electronic music realm, dnb in particular.

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    Philip TBC

    Philip T.B.C. is regarded as one of the most gifted DJs coming from the Czech Republic. He is a veteran dance music DJ and he never follows single music genre, but instead his live-act is always a unique blend of drum and bass, dubstep, breaks and downtempo with all kinds of hip-hop techniques such as scratching, beatjuggling or beatcutting. His DJing skills and reputation are indisputable, but his own music production is widely unknown, because there are just few releases under his belt. Philip has been recently back in the studio with fellow Czechs No Money, working on fresh dubstep and dnb material, and some of this new music has been signed to Esprit Records.

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    Psyek aka Jan Letovsky is a DJ and music producer from Praha, Czech Republic. Since he was born, his father made him listening bands such as Pink Floyd, Queen or New Order. At the age of seven he started to play violin which meant another eight years of teachers suffering. After elementary school he started studying scuplture and ceramics at The High School of Arts in Ostrava city. During those few years he began experimenting with lame Yamaha keyboard…

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    Wreckage Machinery

    Christopher Wehsner started his musical education at the early age of 5 when he took up the piano as his first musical instrument. Soon after he realized he wasn't satisfied so he went on a search for a 'trendier' instrument - the drumset! Regular drum lessons began at the age of 10 and since then he has been active in a number of bands and gigs across Austria; all in the genre METAL!

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    Zoom is a DJ and music producer from Brno, Czech Republic. He got first involved with music as a six years old kid, when he started to play piano. He quit unfortunatelly at the age of eleven so now he has to learn tones and music composition all over again…

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