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Defying categorization from the beginning, releasing music of all breakbeat genres,
including all sub-genres of drum and bass, dubstep and experimental,
Esprit is a new indie label in the field of forward thinking electronic music.


iBSTRACT is a brand new project of an artist Igor Bajzik, previously known as Goro. Together with Dephzac, as Goro and Dephzac, they have released couple of neuro drum and bass tracks on Esprit and now iBSTRACT signed two new tracks which fuse liquid and neuro drum and bass – No More Happy and REM.

In a fact, iBSTRACT is a collective of music artists from Nove Zamky, Slovakia. Consisting of producers Goro and Eiwen, this duo is joined by clarinet player Panther and a guitar player BLT in the studio sessions. Together as iBSTRACT they released a debut drum and bass album Abstract Perception on Slovak label New Progress Ltd earlier in 2014, and now a dnb single No More Happy is planned for September release on Esprit Records.

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